Hand-Carved Furniture

Hand-carved Furniture

The culture of Indian wood art dates back to several centuries, and echoes the true spirit of Indian Artistry. Explore our range of genuinely handcrafted furniture. This style of furniture in your home will take you back to those historic times, where Art meets Culture & Tradition. India has about eighty varieties of hardwood available for woodwork. The main features of wooden furniture are its durability, elegance, and design.

Each piece of furniture which is carved, unveils its resilience, grace, and style, expressing the country's authentic chronological and architectural evidence.

These pieces are uniquely hand painted with fine brushes (as fine as hair) to give it its intricate design. These designs are traditional an are symbols of “New Life” and “Success”

Tile inlaid furniture was widely used in Europe, by countries such as Italy, Portugal, and Spain. This art was later brought into India by immigrants and voyagers. This decorative art is still widely used for designing Furniture in India.

Explore our variety of Brass/ Copper styled furniture. These pieces are hand carved with brass/ copper inlays or Brass/ copper embossments on its surface.