Carpets & Flooring

If you visit the Middle East and would like to take home a Souvenir with you, it would be worth investing in a Carpet. Rug weaving has long been the tradition of the People of the Middle Eastern regions, since the 7th Century. Carpets are known as “Farsh” in the Farsi language and were originally made by Persians between 500-600 BC. They were essentially used for table and floor coverings and mostly for decorative purposes. The motifs on Middle Eastern rugs are an expression of art and each symbol is a reflection of the weaver’s inner feelings. We offer an exclusive range of some of the highest quality vinyl flooring, carpets and rugs from Turkey, Germany, Iran, France and the United States of America. We look forward to offering you the best selections of flooring you can choose from. You can now book an appointment with our Service team to view our collection. We provide fixing and fitting services as well. Book an Appointment now.