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Qutub Minar, India

India: The land of Historic Art & Culture!

India, the magnificent motherland of a glorious civilization is proud to be rich in immense wealth. Indian Kings of the past were known to be ardent enthusiasts of fine art and sponsored many creative pursuits and archeological structures.

India is a fusion of many different cultures. People from various lands and cultures have visited and settled in India over the centuries, bringing along with them valuable philosophies, ideas, and craftsmanship skills that have deeply embedded into our own nation.

The antiquity of Indian Art dates back to almost 3300 BCE. In geographical context, we refer to the historical period, where the entire Indian subcontinent was one: and included what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and eastern Afghanistan.

Mughals brought Persian art and craft into India, which blended with Hindu art in a spectacular approach to give rise to one of the wonders of the world such as the Taj Mahal. Therefore, Stone sculpture and wood carving in India is not only renowned as artistry but is also an inspiring medium of architecture.

Historical Art - Indian Home Art
Historical Art - Indian Home Art