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Thank you for taking the time to view our Product range. It would give us immense pleasure if you would take the time to visit us at our Showroom, where we could introduce some of our unique items to you. Our items are much more than exquisitely designed furniture – in fact, these are splendid pieces of historical Art!

We are passionate about our collection of Authentic Handmade Home Decor, which reflects the depth & diversity of Indian Culture & Art. Exquisitely designed & handcrafted by our talented Artists, each piece is a unique blend of Indian Traditional & Contemporary Reflections. Our pursuits for Authentic Handicrafts have taken us all over India to places: from the deserts of Rajasthan to the villages of Uttar Pradesh.

Come, join us on this mystical journey through the Past, where the Philosophy and Ethnicities of these multifaceted collections leave you awestruck with a feeling of mystery, fascination, and romance…

…discover the true Legacy of Indian Art, explore the genuine Indian Heritage through our Ethnic Home Décor.

~Valerina & Amanat Javed

The Founders

Dr Amanat Javed

Amanat Javed is the pioneer of Indian Home Art. Amanat Javed, who was a qualified Doctor in Herbal Medicine, gave up his career to follow his passion for Art. He first started out his Venture with humble beginnings in the year 1993 in the State of Kuwait.

He personally visits the Artisans who create these beautiful Artifacts and dedicates a lot of time exploring different small scale handicraft industries, and together they work on contemporary designs, with a vintage touch.

Amanat Javed currently lives in Kuwait, with his wife and two sons, where they together work as a family and proudly promote Art and Indian Home Industries specializing in Hand Crafted Home Décor and Furniture, to the Arab community, as well as the U.S. Citizens posted in the U.S. Military camps in Kuwait.

Dr Amanat Javed - Founder
Valerina Christine Fernandes - Founder

Valerina Christine Fernandes

Valerina Christine Fernandes joined her husband, Amanat Javed in his Venture, in the year 2004 and together they pursue this line of work with great enthusiasm.

Hailing from Goa, India she was exposed to Art & Music since the time she was a child – and her family is also artistically inclined.

She attributes her deep passion for Arts and Music to her Father who inculcated this keen interest and enthusiasm within her, through stories of his travels to places – specifically Europe, the Heart of the Renaissance and other places of historical interest. Her husband, she affirms, is her pillar of strength, encouragement, and support in every venture she has embarked on.

Valerina is a Business Management graduate, and is also a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, specializing in Strength Training for Women and Senior Citizens.

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