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Amazing Works Of Timeless Art

Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art



Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art


Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art


Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art


Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art

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Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art

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Amazing Works of Art - Indian Home Art


Much more than just... Home Decor!

Our Items are not just merchandise. They are strikingly beautiful works of Art… the essence of an artist’s toil, imagination, feelings, and aspirations.

Most of the artisans who sculpt and design these items are not formally educated. This work has been handed over to them through the generations. In fact, many of these artists are engaged in this industry, just to earn a living. The time and talent these artisans invest in producing each piece, make the item you hold in your hands, a priceless article of toil and struggle.

Sadly, these Arts are dying – not many people work in these lines anymore, as the industries have taken over most of the manufacturing process, producing similar objects on a large scale. However, we are committed to keeping these small home industries alive – by trying to promote the beauty and tradition reflected in these creations.  One small purchase could make a big difference!

Home Is Where The

Heart Is.

We have heard this expression over and over – and this is something each of us can relate to. Home is a place we can return to, after a day’s work, a place we wake up to each morning. Home is the place where we feel the deepest love and affection from our family, no matter where we may go. Home is a place where we build memories together with our loved ones – a place where we grow. It does not matter if our homes are small or big, elegant or humble. It will always be a place where we feel comfortable and safe. No matter where life may take us, we will at some point in time in our lives, long to return home to the place where we belong. So, each of us has this desire to make our living space “homely” and welcoming.

Home is where heart is - Indian Home Art
Indian Handcrafer Decor - Indian Home Art

Indian Handcrafted Décor ?

If you appreciate art and have an intense liking for artistic furniture, the traditional handcrafted Indian Furniture & Home décor is the right option for you. We offer an exclusive and exquisite range of wooden products of arts and crafts, and wooden antique reproductions, which are a unique blend of Indian traditional and contemporary reflections. Our collections add a touch of heritage and historic art to your home.

Traditional Indian furniture is among the world’s finest, its institution of wood art, dates way back to several generations. Hence, our furniture has a strong antique flavor!

Indian wood such as rosewood, teak, etc are exceptionally solid, resilient, and durable and is used for quality furnishings. It is strong and is competitive in price.

A variety of metals such as Copper, Brass, and other Alloys are used to create these Home Decor Accessories and gives it a unique feature that makes it so popular worldwide. These items are hand cut and hand painted to give it a classy antique finish. If you love Art, you’ll love us!

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Meet Our Awesome Team.

It takes an amazing team of motivated Staff to achieve the goals of an Organization. Each of our Team members is strong, ardent and reliable individuals, committed to Client satisfaction. We attribute our Accomplishments to our wonderful personnel family. Our Staff bring new ideas to the table, put in extra hours, and really push themselves to their limits. Having each of them on our team makes all the difference.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
– Steve Jobs

Mohammed Ilyas - Team Member

Mohammad Ilyas

Marketing Communications Manager
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Naveen Kumar Jain

Sales & Procurement Executive
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Customer Service Executive
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Mohamed Ali Zina

Sales Executive

Delighting Home Décor Enthusiasts Since 2004

Our clients are a testament to our Commitment and Quality.
  • “Indian Home Art” gave a new look to my home. The whole atmosphere of the place changed when I purchased this furniture for my home in India. The first impression that the Indian Home Art personnel give you, is something that will be imprinted on your hearts and your mind too.  Their furniture looks Regal, attractive and antique and every piece of furniture is a piece of art, carved so beautifully.  I’m so thrilled with their products.

    Marina D'Souza
    Mumbai, India
  • While deployed to Kuwait, I had the opportunity to shop at Valerina’s Store. I must say, that I am a 100% satisfied customer. I wanted to purchase everything in the store, but I settled for some beautiful one of kind rugs. Their prices are beyond reasonable and their customer service was remarkable. Valerina was very professional and knowledgeable of her products. She took the time and shared the history of their rugs. I highly recommend Carved Expressions if you are interested in purchasing beautiful items.

    Mary K. Jackson
    California, U.S.A.
  • My experiences in dealing with Indian Home Art, and their Team, over the years, has been fantastic. Their antique furniture is so unique and of the highest standards. It is a must see here in Kuwait. Their staff is so friendly and helpful too.

    Ian Murphy
  • While I was in Kuwait, I visited Valerina’s Store “Indian Home Art” and I must say that I really liked her store and her too!  
    I wanted to buy so many things but I couldn’t put it on the helicopter. She and her husband Amanat Javed were very pleasant and they have a great, strong ability to be successful. I tell all my friends that are in Kuwait, to go by the store.’

    Wanda Davis
    Orlando, U.S.A.
  • I discovered Indian Home Art a few years ago, while I was in Kuwait. I was thrilled to finally find a place that sells exquisite Indian wood crafts and furniture with so much pride and honesty, and provide the customer friendly prompt service with unbeatable prices!  I have bought more than 15 pieces of furniture and art crafts; so did many of my friends after they visited my apartment in Salmiya! I look forward to my next shopping spree at Valerina’s Store. It was truly a delightful experience to shop and meet them! Wish them all the best.

    Henrietta Aswad
    United States of America
  • I found the products at Indian Home Art delightful. The quality of the wood and the craftsmanship is something we don’t see much of anymore, and I am certain this kind of art form won’t be with us in another fifty years as India industrializes. The variety is impressive, an array of fine pieces that one doesn’t see in most stores here in the U.S. Their service and professionalism is amazing… !!! Valerina and her team not only do this as a business but, as a passion that shows in their service, positive attitude and interaction. The moments spent with Valerina and her team in their Store, are some of the most memorable moments of my time in Kuwait

    Rudy Heinrich
    Florida, U.S.A.